English as an Additional Language

Improve your English! We will work on conversational skills and on building your vocabulary. Have fun! Classes will be scheduled to work for you!

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Become a Better Writer: Writing Essentials

Do you feel your written words aren’t as clear, powerful or expressive as you’d like them to be? Writing Essentials will delve into writing with precision—so you can become a better communicator and express yourself exactly the way you’d like. Whether you want to improve your skills for resume writing, creative storytelling or simply everyday online communication, you’ll learn to examine your work with a more critical eye. You’ll gain confidence as you choose strong and persuasive words, tackle grammar, craft well written sentences and organize your material logically. Come learn how to express yourself clearly and persuasively, in both your personal and work life.

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Write a Great Resume!

Are you seeking employment, or wishing to change jobs? We can help you put together an impressive statement of your qualifications and strengths. You will learn good word usage, grammatical strength and detail that will impress a potential employer.

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French Basics

Are you interested in learning the basics of French, and beyond? In this course we plan to cover greetings, noun and article gender, numbers, the L apostrophe, noun and article plurals, the verb to be, French accents and more!

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Family Literacy Day

Winter/Spring 2018

We're always striving to make things more efficient, so our booklet has a new look!